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You might be surprised just how much a direct offer can benefit you! There is zero hassle, risk or obligation!

Sell House Columbus has been in in the real estate industry since 2005. We know the area and we know how to make a transaction run smoothly. Customer service is our highest priority. We want to make sure you are confident in your decision to sell, and that you know you are doing what is best in your particular situation! When you get an offer, there is never any risk or obligation. We will not hassle you about selling, or bombard you with calls or letters. We want to help Gahanna residents. We want you to know there is more than one way to sell your house! Listing can be expensive and stressful, however, it is not the only choice. With a direct offer, you will know exactly how much you are getting and on what day. There is no guesswork. 

We have helped hundreds of people locally sell their unwanted home. We have purchased rentals that had been beaten up my tenants. Places that were more trouble than they were worth. We have also helped many people who were in the foreclosure process. A quick sale can stop the banks and save you from financial ruin.

We are ready to make a direct offer on ANY home in the Gahanna area.  We will buy run-down homes, homes with excessive damage, vacant homes, and homes with unruly tenants.

We Can Offer You Many Benefits Listing Can’t!

Have you listed a home in the past? If so, you might remember some of the things you had to contend with to get a sale.

  • sell-your-house-fastA high commission paid to your agent. (We don’t charge a dime in fees or commission as we are a direct buyer.)
  • Endless cleaning. Between open houses, showings and those last minute people who want to come by and see the house… your home will have to be catalog-worthy all the time to attract the most buyers. We don’t ask you to clean up at all. 
  • Listing is a gamble plain and simple. There are zero guarantees. You cannot assume your home will sell within a certain timeframe. You can’t guarantee you will get your asking price. Offers may come in much lower unless you pay for some out of pocket upgrades and repairs. With us, you will know how much you are getting, and on what day. 
  • Closing costs can eat away at your profits. You should expect there to be about 2% of the final sale charged in closing costs. When you sell directly to Sell House Columbus, we pick up the tab in its entirety.

What you see is what you get. We will make you an offer, and if you accept, that is exactly what will be deposited into your bank account. And with our super fast closing times, you can be free of the house in 7 days! Completely done with your burdensome property by this time next week! What could you be doing with that extra money? 

Our mission has always been simple. Helping local residents, which in turn helps our community. We want to see everyone benefit by creating win-win situations in every transaction we are involved in. We believe the best deals are created when everyone walks away from the table happy. Let us help you make an informed, well thought out decision! Fill out the short form below to get your personalized offer now!

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