Selling your Columbus Ohio House can be EASY

So… You have a house in or around Columbus Ohio, you want or need to sell, but you don’t want to use a Realtor?  Or maybe, you just want to sell your Columbus Ohio house for all cash and close quickly.  Whatever the case may be… Selling your Columbus Ohio house can be easy.  If you do these 3 things:

#1) Make sure you’re working with a company that ACTUALLY BUYS HOUSES in and around Columbus Ohio.  With all the late night infomercials and weekend real estate guru’s out there these days, you have to be careful.  The sad reality is that a lot of the people out there who put out signs or send postcards that say ‘We BUY Houses in Columbus Ohio’ are not actual buyers.  Alls they really want to do is tie your house up under contract, mark up the price, and find someone else to actually buy it.  They are a glorified middle man! This is called “wholesaling”.  Don’t fall into this trap because guess what happens if the middle man can’t find someone to buy your house… You’re stuck with it!  Here at Sell House Columbus We REALLY Buy Houses in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas.  Contact us today for a no obligation offer!

#2) Make sure you close at a title company!  A title company is important because you want to make sure the paperwork gets handled correctly.  When you’re selling your house, this is NOT the time to try and handle all the paperwork yourself.  Leave it to a professional.  A title company will handle all of the recording of the documents and the exchange of money.  They are a neutral 3rd party AND your money is insured.  Here at Sell House Columbus we close every transaction at a title company and we will even pay all the fees.  This way, you know things will be handled correctly by a third party but it’s not going effect your pocket book.  Contact us today!  We REALLY Buy Houses in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas!

#3) The best price is not always the best deal for you.  We work with a lot of people who own a home that was a rental property for them.  Meaning, they didn’t live there.  If they sell for all cash, the proceeds are going to be taxed and the sale could even put them in a higher tax bracket so ALL of their income for that year is taxed more.  Here at Sell House Columbus we work with you to figure out the best course of action.  Sometimes people prefer to get some of their equity today, and take payments for the rest.  Sometimes people just want us to make their payments for them until we’re able to help them sell.  Whatever the case may be, you should never settle for just one offer.  Here at Sell House Columbus, we look forward to working with you to come up with the best game plan.  We buy houses in Columbus Ohio and we’re looking forward to working with you as well.  Contact us today!  We’re in your corner!

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