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Video Transcription

Dave: Good afternoon everyone. It’s Dave with Sell House Columbus, and I’m here at the closing table with Rebecca.

Rebecca: Yes.

Dave: We’re purchasing another property today. We bought Rebecca’s home, and we’re really excited to be purchasing this home. And Rebecca, maybe you can share with us what your experience was like working with Sell House Columbus and our team.

Rebecca: Oh, it’s been excellent. Excellent. I had seen the ad in the paper, I called him, and we went through the house, I believe, and you know, it’s just been, you’ve been right there with me. Every time I had a question I called you, and you come back with the right answers, and told me, you know…

Dave: Was it easy?

Rebecca: It really made it easier to…

Dave: Good.

Rebecca: … to get out from under my house. I’m a widow now, and I just was trying to rent it out, but the renting didn’t work.

Dave: Tell me about when you rented it out, because you tried to rent it out.

Rebecca: Yes, I did.

Dave: And maybe you watching this video, maybe you have a house and you were thinking, I don’t know what to do with it. Maybe I’ll rent it out, maybe I’ll sell it. But you tried to rent it out?

Rebecca: Yes. I tried renting it out and I thought I was getting a single mom with a small baby where there wouldn’t be no messes to clean up after, or anything else. Two people. She was real pleased with that house, fenced in yard and everything, and turned out she moved in the baby’s father, which was not on the lease. Turned into drug trafficking.

Dave: Drug trafficking?

Rebecca: Mm, yes.

Dave: Did you have to call the police?

Rebecca: No, I did not, but the neighbors were telling me all about it. I was familiar with my neighbors and everything, and it’s a quiet neighborhood. It’s a good house.

Dave: It is a good house. It is a good neighborhood.

Rebecca: And we put a lot of money into it and really enjoyed it while I was there, and my husband passed away. I just moved in with my sister.

Dave: Well, we’re excited to be able to purchase this. And would you say you’ve got everything that you wanted from us that you were asking for?

Rebecca: Yes. Yes.

Dave: Were we able to pay off all the debt that was on the house and it got, take care of all that?

Rebecca: Yes.

Dave: Would you say everything or, let me ask you this. What would you say to somebody who’s considering selling their house, and maybe they’re a little bit reluctant, they don’t know who we are. What would you say to somebody who has a house that they want to sell?

Rebecca: I would have had him definitely call you, because you really helped me out by getting out from underneath the loan without damaging my credit, without any questions. You know, I feel really well that I’m working with you in particular because you have answered all my questions. You have walked me through this whole ordeal and I appreciate that. I appreciate your honesty and your ability to help me out when I call.

Dave: Yeah, I look forward to staying in touch with you. I’m happy we were able to make this happen. And if you have a house that you want to sell fast, you can find us online, sellhousecolumbus.com, or pick up the phone and reach us at (614) 300-5151. I’m Dave, this is Rebecca. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, Rebecca.

Rebecca: You too, Dave.

Dave: And we’ll see you on the next video.

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