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Video Transcription

Sharon: When I was a kid I wanted to learn to play guitar. I never got around to it.

Dave: Good afternoon everyone. It’s Dave from Sell House Columbus and we are here at the closing table. When I first met Sharon, who’s selling us two properties today, right?

Sharon: Mm-hmm (affirmative) yes.

Dave: Two and then more to come. I was playing guitar. Right? Do you remember that?

Sharon: Yes.

Dave: Our very first conversation and I thought I’d bring the guitar today to reminisce our first conversation. So Sharon, maybe you can share, how has your experience been like in selling these particular properties?

Sharon: It’s been fantastic. I appreciate him going out on a limb to help me out here.

Dave: Yeah.

Sharon: No qualms. No hassles.

Dave: No, we don’t want any of that.

Sharon: We just did it and got done with it.

Dave: So how did you first find out about myself and Sell House Columbus and our team?

Sharon: I have a post office box and there was a letter there that wanting to buy properties. The one was Huntington Street or Avenue. I looked your company up and I saw you had one, I think six doors down from me.

Dave: That’s right. That’s right. We sure do.

Sharon: And I thought well they probably would like to have Huntington. So, I called.

Dave: I’m glad you did your due diligence. I’m glad you did your research and I encourage you to do that as well. If you have a property you’re looking to sell, don’t just work with any old Joe off the street. You want to work with professionals and get this done. So you called us and we worked with you and we’re at the closing table today and did we do what we promised we said we would do and get this thing done?

Sharon: Yes you did.

Dave: And did we make it pretty easy for you?

Sharon: Yes, definitely.

Dave: We didn’t bother any tenants. We didn’t bother anybody. Right. That was the thing with her. You actually had properties, there were people living there and a lot of people worry about that, are you going to worry about-

Sharon: And I’d hate to see them be displayed because-

Dave: I agree. We don’t want to disrupt anybody.

Sharon: I had to do what I had to do to sell them.

Dave: That’s right. That’s right. So if you have a property you’re looking to sell fast, even if those people living there, give us a call. We’re at (614) 300-5151 you can visit us online SellHouseColumbus.com and what would you say to somebody else who might consider selling-

Sharon: You’ll have a pleasant experience.

Dave: You’ll have a pleasant experience and you might even-

Sharon: You might even get serenaded.

Dave: Serenaded. We’ll see you on the next video, everybody.

Sharon: Thank you.

Dave: Thank you, Sharon.

Sharon: Thank you Dave.

Dave: It’s been great working with you.

Sharon: Great working with you.

Dave: Bye everyone.

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